An Exclusive tour exploring Heritage sites tracing the evolution of the unique culture of Bali

The Pakerisan River Valley to the north of Ubud was listed as a Cultural Heritage Area by UNESCO in 2012. This mystical river valley contains ancient ancestral sites dating back to 8th – 12th centuries. Ancient animist beliefs on Bali maintains everything has a soul and spirit.

As influences of Hinduism and Buddhism spread from India to Bali via Javanese kingdoms, gradually Hindu gods became manifested into the Balinese spirit belief and in the elements of nature.  The religion of Bali was known as Agama Tirta – the religion of water. Agama Siwa Buddha is the blend of Shivaism and Buddhism along with the conceptions of the cosmos or universe. On this journey with Pure Bali Tour, learn about how these ancient belief systems unified.  Also learn about the complex irrigation system known in Bali as subak. Dating back to 9th century, water diverted from mountain sources to water-sharing communities ensures equal distribution to all.  Subak reflects the Balinese outlook on life called Tri Hita Karana – a philosophy which maintains balance among the natural, physical and spiritual worlds.




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