Dangsil “An Offering”

During Temple ceremony how happy we are, each Family will prepare they own offering that offer to God “Mother Nature” and always offer the best from our land and our water because the offering are symbol of Earth & Universe.
Create an offering is like meditation and express ourselves.

Offerings are usually made from a variety of fruits, sometimes chicken or duck sacrifices therein. the main one is Canang.
Canang is a series of young coconut leaves combined with leaves and flowers.
There are several other types of offerings offered at the ceremony, all of which are symbolic. some are made from dried rice cakes.

Canang is a simple offering that we offer every day.

Some time the kids ask about an offering why we create that offering.?
the parent or grand parent say, just do it and don,t ask.!!
or maybe, they also don’t know why we create and offer an offering.

But one feeling that we are Balinese can share to you from an offering we learn how become GIVER not just only TAKER and we can always appreciate with what our Environment give to us.

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