Subak “World Culture Heritage”

One Balinese family will get three types of land to borrow from the temple through village policy. The three Land are used for compounds (Home), gardens and rice fields.
Rice fields are an important part of the village order.
This is a source of rice for food, and become a support or leg for the establishment of a traditional village in Bali.

Water management for paddy fields is called Subak.  in Subak is not only a way to plant rice or share water, but how is this life in order to remain harmonious between people with the environment, people with people and people with their God.

The Subak system is now a World Cultural Heritage in Indonesia established by UNESCO in 2012.

when harvesting rice cooperation between people looks very beautiful, how to share fairly, celebrate the harvest happily.
indeed to reach harvest or until it can be eaten, the rice process is very long and full of challenges, ranging from pests, weeds, insects, rodents and weather birds too but from that process we learn good and bad.

there is one sentence of pearl for this.
when we plant rice, weeds will grow next to it. but if we grow weeds, it is impossible to grow rice.

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rice harvesting activities carried out by women and they get paid with rice. this is also part of the cooperation and sharing of rice with villagers who do not have rice fields.

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