Wild Vegetable

Hunting is not only for animals. For us who live in a Balinese village, almost every morning or afternoon we enter the forest to look for foodstuffs such as leaves or fruit. Many leaves grow wild and are very tasty, fern into one vegetable favorite.

Most of our lives are farmers, many types of vegetables that we grow for consumption are also for sale.
But the habit of looking for wild plants as food will never disappear.
Indeed in general they are more delicious for consumption such as young bamboo, mushrooms, ferns, and many other leaves that even our English names are unknown.
The village is quite fertile because it is in a valley flanked by two rivers, specially the village area is a tropical rain forest.

70% of the village area is a green area consisting of rice fields, fields, bamboo forests and wild forests.

Our way of life is like vegetarian. Not 100% vegetarian, but in one month we only consume meat (chicken, duck or pork) if there is a ceremony.
If in one month there is no ceremony, that month we are 100% vegetarian.

So if not for sacrifice as a complement to the ceremony we have no reason to kill animals.

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